Friday, 24 December 2021

2021 Season In Pictures

2021 was yet another difficult year for us all and a year that everyone hoped a return to pre covid times would arrive towards the end of the year. To date it looks like things are even more uncertain than ever, but all we can do is stay safe and live in hope that 2022 will bring us closer to what we once knew. Despite all the torment and frustration endured it also brought out some of the best racing be it on two or four wheels. 

Many thanks and gratitude have to go to all the organizers, competitors, marshals, medical personal that made it happen. Many don't truly know what work goes into making an event happen and to make it happen in a pandemic only doubles the workload. Here is a selection of pictures from the year. Sorry if your not in there but it is not that your forgotten about. 

Thank you for taking the time to look and read my posts throughout the year and for anyone who bought calendars off me or prints. I truly am very grateful for the support. Here is to 2022 and more of the great action on track, between the hedges, in the forests and on the stages.

Happy Christmas to you all.