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Buncrana Man Kelly Takes Maiden Formula Vee Win At Round 3

Jordan Kelly hold up the winning trophy after taking his maiden win during round 3 of the 2021 Formula Vee Championship. Photo: Barry Cregg.

Mondello Park again held a double header for the rounds three and four of the Formula Vee Championship. The Kildare circuit looking particularly well in the glorious in the sweltering summer sunshine. It did lend itself to the much welcomed spectators that were at long last allowed into see the action after almost two years, but it made life harder for the drivers who already have to put up with high temperatures inside the cockpit of their cars. 

Still being in the early stages of the season it's still anyone's for the taking but another couple of strong points positions for those who scored well last time out would put pressure on the rest who didn't. This meeting the drivers would be on the international circuit were there would be a few more overtaking opportunities than the national circuit. Qualifying would be key but unless a good start is made it can be for nothing, as proved with Cross and Reade last time out. A great grid of twenty six  cars lined up for qualifying. 

Jordan Kelly, on his way to taking pole position. Photo: Barry Cregg.

The hot weather really was not a friend to the VW engine cars as the air cooled power units don't like hot conditions but it was the same for everyone though but going hell for leather for the entire qualifying session would not help the hard worked tyres either. Jordan Kelly put in his best time in on his third lap and it wasn't bettered to give the Donegal man his first pole position. That said it was only by 9 thousands of a second over Anthony Cross. So really nothing in it up front but the ever improving Kelly would be hard to beat. 

Anthony Cross, Sheane, leads the field at the start or the race. Photo:Barry Cregg.

Speaking after qualifying Kelly had a plan for the race." I'm happy with that, we had a misfire at the last round so we changed a few things and it's running well now so I just want to get out of the first turn in first and get the head down and make a gap to the rest." 

Tim Murray, Sheane, leads, Gavin Buckley, Sheane, and Dan Polley, Sheane, on his way to third place. Photo: Barry Cregg.

When the lights went out both front row men got away well but Cross used his experience to take the lead on the outside of turn one. Kelly tucked in behind with Tim Murray and Gavin Buckley behind him. Going into turn 7 Cross slowed on seeing oil and let Kelly to go by. It would prove costly to Cross as Kelly unaware of the oil for several laps made the brake from the pack and built a lead. Behind the front two Dan Polley had a coming together with Buckley dropped him back to fifth and dropping Buckley to fourteenth. Tim Murray held third and Jack Byrne moved up to fourth gaining from the Buckley and Polley tangle. 

Anthony Cross, Sheane, on his way to finishing second during the race. Photo: Barry Cregg

By lap four Murray made his move and got by Cross showing his best performance in recent times. This allowed Byrne, Polley and Trevor Delaney to make it a five car train for second. This played right into the hands of the leader Kelly who just extended his lead further. Taking the final corner a lap later Cross was back up to second getting by Murray on the inside, even though he was still too far back to challenge for the lead as Kelly was way out in the distance with a 2.5 second lead which is rare for Formula Vee. 

Jack Byrne, Sheane, leads Dan Polley, Sheane, during the race. Photo: Barry Cregg.

Then back markers began to come into play along with waved yellow flags causing Kelly to slow and unable to pass allowing Cross to close in. Thankfully though for Kelly it came on the last lap and his hard work in the early part of the race paid off, as he had enough in hand to take his maiden national victory.  Tim Murray came home in third and top scorer in the 'B' championship. Polley got the better of Bynre to take fourth. 

Jordan Kelly, on his way to winning round 3 and his maiden win in Formula Vee. Photo: Barry Cregg.

A thoroughly deserved win and to finally get it after coming so close last season in Kirkistown. It is also a deserving win for a driver who has with his brother Owen the longest journey to any venues on the calendar with a four hour drive to Mondello Park alone. Smiling after the race he said " I'm glad to get the first one out of the way anyway. I didn't realise there was oil down for a while and Anthony slowed and let me by, I just put my head down and tried to get a gap on them behind. Then at the end I caught back markers and I couldn't pass as there was yellow flags out and I could see Anthony in my mirrors getting closer. I also missed a gear in turn two and thought the box was gone but thankfully I had enough in hand to take the win."

Jordan Kelly, on his way to winning round 3 and his maiden win in Formula Vee. Photo: Barry Cregg.

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